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Benefits For Small Businesses of HR Support...

  • Affordability: The average costs to hire an HR Manager into your business will range between £40k and £80k per year, depending on your industry and where you're located. This is simply not affordable HR support for small businesses.
  • People Are Complex: The People in your business are the engine driving you towards your goals and visions. They are also the Biggest, Most Complex and Costly Asset you'll ever have in your business and they will determine both your success and failure. So the success of your business literally rests on getting the people element of your business right!
  • Legal Complications: We live in a litigious World! Elements of Employment Legislation changes twice every year and judges add to this through Court Cases adjusting interpretations of the law. Mix this with the fact that the law is equally applied if you employ just 1 employee as to those employing hundreds and this creates a nightmare for small businesses.
  • ​Cost Effective Peace Of Mind: Our Retained HR Services provides 100% of the HR support for small businesses that they'd receive from hiring an HR Manager, but at a fraction of the cost. Our complete Done-For-You HR Support costs typically between 6% and 12% of hiring an HR Manager and in many cases.
Cavell is a true Family Business, established since 2016 with the sole focus of building 'Working Families' in your business and helping you to Out-Staff the Competition!

Collectively we have experience of providing professional HR and Payroll support to businesses within Hospitality, Manufacturing, Engineering, Sport, Healthcare, Beauty and Therapy, Construction and more for over 18 years!

We've been built on our Core Values of #1. Family, #2. Simplicity, #3. Honesty, #4. Humour and #5. Teams!
Some of Our Products...

Retained HR Support

Done-For-You Service
Imagine hiring an HR Manager into your team who not only resolves time consuming and complex staff problems but prevents them in the first place and supports the growth of your business.

All of this plus Training Support for your Managers at a fraction of the cost of hiring an HR Manager!

- No Templates
- One Consultant
- No Retainer with large costs when you actually need help
- Regular Meetings for Proactive Support
- Investigations included

Management Training

Our range of Management Training Modules is regularly growing every week and month with content that supports your Managers and Supervisors to make sure you're Getting Your People Right!

It's a simple fact that if your Managers and Supervisors do not training, they do not maintain their skill levels in effectively managing complex People Problems.

Some of our core training programmes are:

- Hire Slow, Fire Fast
- The 10 Fundamentals of Management
- Business Builder
- The Management Triangle
- Our expanding list of Mini Courses

HR Lite Service

Done-With-You Service
Need access to an ever expanding library of HR Documentation and Templates to Support your Teams?

Not quite ready to fully outsource your Human Resources, but recognise the need for support when you need it?

We've got your back!

- Access our full suite of Templates including Contracts, Policies and much more
- Access our Management Training Modules which are growing every week and Month
- Monthly access to an Expert HR Consultant


Contracts & Handbook Bundle

It's a Legal Requirement to provide all Employees and Workers with Written Statements of Particulars from the date they commence work with you!

Our Bundle helps businesses to ensure you're covered on these aspects.

- 4 Individual Contracts Done-For-You
- Contracts sent to your staff for you!
- Collect Signatures rather than Paper
= A full and bespoke Handbook of Policies and Procedures
- 12 months of updates to your Policies and Procedures Covered!


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Meet The Cavell Family
People in company, job titles and description

Mike Markham

Managing Director
Over 18 years experience as an HR Expert in multiple industries.
Lead in HR Support and Solutions.

Jack Markham

Business Manager
12 years’ experience in Health and Safety and Construction Design Management.
Lead in Business Strategies and execution.

Jack Kille

Social Media & Sales Assistant
Specialist in managing, designing and creating all original content.
Supporting to ensure customers are within the correct Human Resource Support Pathway.


1. Is HR Support something my Company needs right now?
Based on the current average salary in the UK, the average costs of employing someone in your business is £31k per employee per year.
Remember the people in your business are your Biggest, Most Expensive and Most Complex asset. Your success depends on their performance.
2. Are your Services expensive?
At Cavell, we’re not your typical HR Support Business.
We provide 100% of the support you’d receive from hiring an HR Manager, but typically at only 6% to 12% of the costs.
Depending on your industry and where you’re based, hiring an HR Manager costs between £40k and £80k per year.
Our rates are more competitive and more tailored to your needs.
3. How can you provide this support remotely, do you not need to be on site at all?
The costs of having either an employee (an HR Manager) or a Consultant onsite in your business, compared to the value this would add is just not worth the increased costs.
Today, we can obtain a high level of understanding of your business, form excellent relationships with our clients, their teams and staff, we can support and even conduct extremely complex processes such as Grievance Investigations, redundancies and even TUPE without having to set foot physically in your business.
We work with clients across the UK, from Bristol, Brighton and London to Norfolk, Leicester, Birmingham and Edinburgh.
4. How can you provide this support remotely, do you not need to be on site at all?
Honestly, we’d have to agree with you.
Looking at the market, the law is the law and all HR Consultancies have to provide support and advice on the same legal regulations.
When you look at a number of HR Consultancies, they’d typically provide Templates, Bullet Point Lists for managing a situation and in reality they’ll leave you to your own devises and inexperience to complete the processes.
In reality, this model means that you’ll never hear from a soul unless the ‘mess has hit the fan already’ and in the meantime, they provide no support to help and support your business.
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